Big drugmakers under pressure to share patents against coronavirus


WHO backs making pharmaceuticals open up intellectual property as it did to fight HIV/Aids. Read More...

April 02, 2020
patent IP WHO news COVID19 Pandemic

Huawei has become a licensee member of the Open Invention Network


OIN members agrees to cross-license Linux patents to one another royalty-free and to any organisation that agrees not to assert its patents against Linux. Read More...

April 02, 2020
patent HUAWEI Open Invention Network news

Korea Post-Pandemic Intellectual Property Positioning


It seems that countries and companies already start to position themselves to reap the benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic aftermath. Read More...

March 30, 2020
patent IP KIPO news COVID19 Pandemic

Patent Jury Told COVID-19 Is Reason for Not Finding Liability


Looks like Oxford Nanopore Technologies Inc. counsel may have used the current #COVID19 situation to sway the jury in a #patent infringement case. Read More...

March 21, 2020
patent trial strategy news COVID19 Pandemic