Our clientele includes R&D and IP departments in hi-tech multinational corporations, law firms, research institutes, universities, patent monetization and brokerage firms, banks, innovators and inventors.

Our Services

Prior Art Search

Focus on context and quality over quantity. Leveraging custom in-house AI based search engine. Invoicing based on results. Proven ability to unearth hidden prior art.

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Evidence of Use Claim Charts

EoU charts with detailed patent-product maps. Expert opinion on infringement. Extensive experience in complex ICT technology patent charting.

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Patent Portfolio Mining

Patent Ranking & Evaluation. Proven ICT domain expertise coupled with AI-enabled analysis. Extract hidden gems from your portfolio unearthing new licensing opportunities.

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Competitive & Technology Landscapes

Revealing technology trends and Taxonomy customized as per competitor's product line. Data-backed comparison of your portfolio vis-à-vis competitors.

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Target Scouting

Provide targeted & high-quality reports & leverage our domain expertise. Precise valuation & damages analysis based on comprehensive market research.

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AI SaaS for IP

Make better business decisions with intellectual property data at your fingertips. Leverage our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software as as Service Solution.

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