Technology Landscape:

Revealing technology trends and Taxonomy customized as per competitor's product line. Data-backed comparison of your portfolio vis-à-vis competitors.

EoU Charting
Patent-Product Mapping
Patent Standard Mapping

EoU Charting

Our patent landscape reports powered by the in-house AI powered solution and including detailed infographics on technology trends will give you better insights on the technology domain and its evolution, assessment of strengths and weaknesses in your patent portfolio vis-a-vis your competitors, and an overview of the latest trends and specific developments in the industry.

Our patent landscape analysis reports are customizable as per the client’s requirements and generally include:

Customized taxonomy: For better insights, we do not rely on automatically classifying patents in your portfolio based on IPC classes. Rather, we understand that every client and project has different requirements. We specialize in creating a customized taxonomy to align with your technology/product line/competitor’s product strategy, depending on your objectives.

Infographics: Our reports include a variety of charts and illustrations for presenting the analysis in a lucid manner.

Market research: A detailed research of the products landscape and commercial offerings by competitors in the technology domain to corroborate findings from the analysis of the patent landscape.

State of the Art Search

State of the Art search helps in getting a comprehensive picture of a specific technology area. Our state of the art search report, based on detailed analysis of the patent landscape, helps clients make informed business decisions to better align their IP strategy with the overall growth strategy of the company. A State of the Art search also helps in identifying new competitors and technological trends. We provide customized reports based on the client requirement and use filters to narrow down our focus based on date range, assignees, keywords, etc.

Patent Standard Mapping

Our team of domain experts has extensive experience in mapping preparing customized patent-standard mapping reports. In the past, we have executed several projects mapping independent and dependent patent claims to technical standards such as ETSI, ITU-T, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and IEEE. The insights from these reports help our clients make strategic business decisions with respect to acquisition or licensing..